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MAKES ME WANNA HOLLA- "An inspirational book for tweens(10-12), teen girls and women!"

"Makes Me Wanna Holla is a life changing inspirational writing for teen girls and women!"


BOOK SYNOPSIS: Makes Me Wanna Holla is an inspirational journey to wholeness designed to minister to the needs of teen girls and women of all ages. This book, written in a down to earth tone, highlights issues such as: CONQUERING DREAMS, SELF-ESTEEM, SEX, FORGIVENESS & REJECTION to name a few. Makes Me Wanna Holla leads its reader to access healing, encouragement, and empowerment all in the name of Christ. At only 96 pages, this book is an easy yet captivating and life changing reading.


Read to discover or be reminded of God’s thoughts toward you regardless of your past or current state. Not only is He a God of love, peace and forgiveness, He is the coolest friend and Father a girl could ever have. This book is an excellent source of discussion amongst girls and women regardless race, social status and is recommended for youth groups, mentor programs, open symposiums for women, bible studies and more! 





"This incredible book delves a little into our journey as an example to all the young girls regarding family, love and purpose!!! While I was reading this book, I began to apply the solutions to my life!! Everybody must have a copy!! It’s now my reference guide!! She explains the real definition of love, self-respect, worthiness, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and how to get and maintain through the word of God!!! Something we all struggle with everyday! Makes Me Wanna Holla, will make you holla!! Thank you Jesus for this gifted, anointed and obedient writer!!! I am so proud of my daughter and love her with every part of my being!!!"        

Charnele Brown “KIM REESE” from the hit NBC sitcom 'A Different World'