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Posted by kelleavent on August 20, 2013 at 1:40 PM

Stevie Wonder released a song many years ago entitled: "These 3 Words," which translated I LOVE YOU, three very powerful words when spoken with sincerity of heart. However, today I want to discuss 3 other words often overlooked yet even more life changing than I love you! Those three words are: I FORGIVE YOU!


Often times the issue of forgiveness is one swept under the rug or hidden way back in the linen closet. Society has developed such a sour overlay on those words, most act as if they do not exist. What would you say if I told you those three words could cure cancer, eliminate bitterness, cease depression or suicide? They CAN! The inability to forgive is as to a slave to its master. Not forgiving an offender places you in voluntary slavery, with ball and chain around one's neck. Each time you REFUSE (because it is your choice) to forgive and move forward, your heart, mind, body and soul receives lashes equivalent to that of a whip. Acne, weight gain/loss, heart attacks, strokes, are all effects of not uttering those three words. The LIE has been released that if one chooses to forgive, power is relinquished and the opportunity to offend again is allotted to the accuser. This is FAR FROM THE TRUTH as East is from West. Usually, offenders are either unaware OR disinterested in the truth of the offense they have caused. Therefore, life for them continues in peace meanwhile the offended struggles to maneuver into the next phase of life.


I wrote this post because I too struggled with forgiveness and chose to become the victim. When others called me out I would find a crutch in the magnitude of reasons I thought entitled me not to forgive. It was after reading Matthew 6, my position changed. In Matthew 6:15 Jesus tells us that if we REFUSE (because again it is our choice) to forgive others, we should NOT expect HIM to forgive us. WAIT, WHAT?!!? So ALL of the many prayers we pray will go unanswered as a result of NOT FORGIVING?!? ABSOLUTELY!! It sounds harsh but here is the revelation I received: refusing to forgive places us in the position of judgement, silently stating the person does not deserve mercy. How then can we justify the receipt of mercy, grace or favor extended to us when we too have sinned? Only Christ has earned the ability to judge others, NOT US!


Emancipate your heart, soul, mind and body TODAY by uttering these three words: I FORGIVE YOU!! If the offender responds with acceptance AWESOME, if not SO WHAT, you are now free and the yoke is no longer upon your head! For some, the offender may be SELF, and the same applies. Ask yourself for forgiveness and although you can't change the past but you can determine your future! FORGIVE.....#thatisall





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1 Comment

Reply Keli Burwell
2:54 PM on September 16, 2013 
Awesome post Kelle! Continue to go forth with the work of the Lord....He is well pleased with you! Abundant Blessings upon you and your family in Jesus' Name, Amen!