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Posted by kelleavent on January 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM

This morning I pondered a series of thoughts, you know how it is in the AM, 1,000 thoughts of the day racing throughout the mind. I began to think about the people in my life and situations I’ve experienced with those people. Before the closing of 2012, I made a self declaration to not become overly involved in others dreams and affairs. There was a time prior, I would take such pride in others visions and would invest great time and effort in them. My efforts to see them succeed surpassed that of the visionary, and it was then I determined I will NOT place more energy into another’s dream, than they are willing to invest in their own.

As I lay in my bed a familiar scripture meditation came to mind. Matthew 25:15-18, which talks about a man headed for a long trip and decided to invest his silver in three of his servants. He gave five bags to one, two to the other, and one bag of silver to the final servant. The servants with five and two bags invested them, multiplying the man’s earnings, while the one buried his, receiving zero return on the investment. When the man returned, he praised the two wise servants and was annoyed with the one who wasted his money.

Often times; the approach from the perspective of not wasting your God given talents is exhorted from this passage of scripture. However this morning, the revelation was more so in highlighting the actual investor. Daily we offer pearls of wisdom via advice, training etc. to many whom like the one servant, receive, buries and does not make the effort to ensure a return on the investment. Many times, it’s due to fear and lack of faith. Nonetheless in 2013, declare that you will WASTE NOT!! There are those who are awaiting the knowledge, skills and wisdom God has placed inside of us, but instead we religiously bless the unprepared. WASTE NOT, it only produces frustration. Before being hired as an employment of an establishment, there was a series of pre-requisites i.e. application, interview, performance test etc. This same approach should be taken with people. If it is discovered that they simply want an empty bank to deposit worthless rants about dreams they don’t “WANT” the faith to manifest, cancel their accounts and force them to find a new bank.

Declare 2013, to WASTE NOT: your time, efforts, advice, wisdom etc. on those who are UNPREPARED to receive them. Pray for their faith to increase but don’t invest another second in their foolishness! WASTE NOT!!! Agape!


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