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Positioned 2 Produce A Miracle

Posted by kelleavent on December 18, 2012 at 2:45 PM

Yesterday in my reading I checked out a familiar passage of scripture, one I had read/heard over a dozen times. This time, the message I received from it was totally different. I was reading 1 Kings 17 where Elijah challenged a widowed woman to bake a cake for him before the ones she planned for both she and her son. They were planning to die after eating their final meal. Nonetheless, the woman was obedient to what Elijah instructed her to do and fed him first. Just as Elijah spoke, her days of lack ended that moment.

As I stated I have viewed that passage and heard it preached more times than I can count. However, this time what stood out to me was Elijah’s position. Although he was well esteemed by the people, Elijah was human, which means he was not perfect. But God still deemed him valuable and trustworthy in order to be used to produce a miracle for a woman in a desperate situation. The more I pondered I began to ask myself, is my life and the works I produce in position to impact another’s life. In other words, is who I profess to be, and what I do considered a life line for someone else or a stroke of my ego? I truly had to be honest and decide if I never sold more than twenty books but from those sales all of those people received the answer to their problems, would it suffice. Honestly, the answer is YES! The reality is that I don’t have a major publishing contract, which means I must market in a grass roots style. I don’t have the platform to reach as many people as someone with a large agreement, but the AMAZING testimonies I have been receiving from those who God has allowed me to reach is PRICELESS!

So today I challenge both you and myself to re-evaluate our positions to ensure we can be used by God to produce a miracle for someone else’s dying situation. Often times, we release commentary about other’s trials and tragedies, when it’s God’s intent for us to be the solution. Perhaps that co-worker is a thorn in your side because she is dying internally, and it’s your integrity and peace that will silence her torment and challenge a positive shift. Elijah was the catalyst to a widow’s blessing, another was the same for us. Who can God trust us to be in position to produce a miracle for? Have a wonderful and meaningful day!



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1 Comment

Reply Mina Mack
12:44 PM on January 3, 2013 
Before you were graced with the gift, God had already predestined an audience that needed what you had to offer. For some people it is a mass but for others it is a group or a person. Elijah had a blessing waiting to be released and it wasn't for everyone. It was for the widow woman. We are here to solve a problem. To anticipate a need. Too often you here "that's not my problem" but it really is our problem. We are equiped and empowered to be solutions. Your book WILL reach the audience that God ordained it to reach. Be it one or one million.., preferably the latter. The question now becomes will you be really ready to become the solution instead of adding to the problem. Peace and Blessing!