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Don't Allow "TEMPORARY" 2 Define "PERMANANT"

Posted by kelleavent on December 12, 2012 at 6:25 PM

Yesterday in my time of meditation and reading, the Lord lead me to 1Kings 11:1-13 where Solomon chose to disregard the instructions God gave him regarding entangling himself with foreign women. Such women would turn Solomon and the other Israelite hearts away from God. Nonetheless, Solomon did as he pleased and married not one or two but many foreign women. Just as God predicted, his heart was turned away and he built alters for worshipping false gods.

As I meditated, God showed me how this passage of scripture related to us today. The bible in 2 Corinthians 2:16 warns us about gaining covenants with those who are unbelievers or in other words, on a different path than we are. Think about it, any individual we have connected ourselves to that did not have a parallel vision to ours either served as a distraction or pitfall. We should seek to establish a circle with two types of people: those working to manifest just as we are and those who have already embraced what we desire to attain.

Solomon took for granted God's promises to his father David of protection, blessings and prosperity. Therefore, he forfeited accessing ALL of the miracles God planned for him specifically by settling. How did Solomon settle? He was willing to experience old blessings instead of standing under the open heaven for his time. Think of it as attending Sunday dinner two weeks after the big Thanksgiving feast. Instead of cooking a fresh meal, the host pulls out freezer bags full of left-overs from the feast, but because of a strong appetite, we settle for the old food instead of placing a demand to require a new, fresh meal. Why settle for the blessings and anointing’s of those who came before you, when God is saying I have a new and more innovative way to release. Their impact was for that time, yours is what's needed NOW!

Don't be like Solomon, so overtaken by your cravings that you forfeit your ABUNDNCE! Don't settle for small minds, mediocrity, living pay check to pay check, relationships without future, and dreams so minute God's assistance isn't needed. God tore the kingdom not away from Solomon but from his son. The decisions you make may take a lifetime to redefine, which could affect generations to come. There are only a few more days before entering a new year and I understand life is challenging you at all angles to settle, unless I’m the only one! LOL But through this post I challenge both you and myself to not allow "temporary" to determine "permanent." Partial obedience is disobedience; remove anything that takes your focus off of God and His will for your life! God calls you a winner, any less is unacceptable! BE BLESSED, AGAPE'

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