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Posted by kelleavent on August 20, 2013 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Stevie Wonder released a song many years ago entitled: "These 3 Words," which translated I LOVE YOU, three very powerful words when spoken with sincerity of heart. However, today I want to discuss 3 other words often overlooked yet even more life changing than I love you! Those three words are: I FORGIVE YOU!


Often times the issue of forgiveness is one swept under the rug or hidden way back in the linen closet. Society has developed such a sour overlay on those words, most act as if they do not exist. What would you say if I told you those three words could cure cancer, eliminate bitterness, cease depression or suicide? They CAN! The inability to forgive is as to a slave to its master. Not forgiving an offender places you in voluntary slavery, with ball and chain around one's neck. Each time you REFUSE (because it is your choice) to forgive and move forward, your heart, mind, body and soul receives lashes equivalent to that of a whip. Acne, weight gain/loss, heart attacks, strokes, are all effects of not uttering those three words. The LIE has been released that if one chooses to forgive, power is relinquished and the opportunity to offend again is allotted to the accuser. This is FAR FROM THE TRUTH as East is from West. Usually, offenders are either unaware OR disinterested in the truth of the offense they have caused. Therefore, life for them continues in peace meanwhile the offended struggles to maneuver into the next phase of life.


I wrote this post because I too struggled with forgiveness and chose to become the victim. When others called me out I would find a crutch in the magnitude of reasons I thought entitled me not to forgive. It was after reading Matthew 6, my position changed. In Matthew 6:15 Jesus tells us that if we REFUSE (because again it is our choice) to forgive others, we should NOT expect HIM to forgive us. WAIT, WHAT?!!? So ALL of the many prayers we pray will go unanswered as a result of NOT FORGIVING?!? ABSOLUTELY!! It sounds harsh but here is the revelation I received: refusing to forgive places us in the position of judgement, silently stating the person does not deserve mercy. How then can we justify the receipt of mercy, grace or favor extended to us when we too have sinned? Only Christ has earned the ability to judge others, NOT US!


Emancipate your heart, soul, mind and body TODAY by uttering these three words: I FORGIVE YOU!! If the offender responds with acceptance AWESOME, if not SO WHAT, you are now free and the yoke is no longer upon your head! For some, the offender may be SELF, and the same applies. Ask yourself for forgiveness and although you can't change the past but you can determine your future! FORGIVE.....#thatisall





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Posted by kelleavent on July 4, 2013 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

So here's the deal. When I was a little kid, I had a hard time expressing myself verbally due to the HUGE amount of roller coaster emotions I was experiencing. Therefore, I began to write, write, write. Here I am an adult and STILL expressing myself in the form of writing, so much so, I was able to compose a book entitled: "MAKES ME WANNA HOLLA!" Go figure, right! This book written with a transparent tone in order to encourage and empower girls and women, is now available in it's first book store THE WAY, located on York Rd in Baltimore, MD!


To celebrate, I will be having a book signing on Saturday, July 27th from 1-4PM and I would so LOVE if all of you amazing people would be my guest. There will also be musical guests and lots of yummy cupcakes by Kakes 4 U too! Admission is absolutely FREE, just come prepared to have an AWESOME time!







Posted by kelleavent on January 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This morning I pondered a series of thoughts, you know how it is in the AM, 1,000 thoughts of the day racing throughout the mind. I began to think about the people in my life and situations I’ve experienced with those people. Before the closing of 2012, I made a self declaration to not become overly involved in others dreams and affairs. There was a time prior, I would take such pride in others visions and would invest great time and effort in them. My efforts to see them succeed surpassed that of the visionary, and it was then I determined I will NOT place more energy into another’s dream, than they are willing to invest in their own.

As I lay in my bed a familiar scripture meditation came to mind. Matthew 25:15-18, which talks about a man headed for a long trip and decided to invest his silver in three of his servants. He gave five bags to one, two to the other, and one bag of silver to the final servant. The servants with five and two bags invested them, multiplying the man’s earnings, while the one buried his, receiving zero return on the investment. When the man returned, he praised the two wise servants and was annoyed with the one who wasted his money.

Often times; the approach from the perspective of not wasting your God given talents is exhorted from this passage of scripture. However this morning, the revelation was more so in highlighting the actual investor. Daily we offer pearls of wisdom via advice, training etc. to many whom like the one servant, receive, buries and does not make the effort to ensure a return on the investment. Many times, it’s due to fear and lack of faith. Nonetheless in 2013, declare that you will WASTE NOT!! There are those who are awaiting the knowledge, skills and wisdom God has placed inside of us, but instead we religiously bless the unprepared. WASTE NOT, it only produces frustration. Before being hired as an employment of an establishment, there was a series of pre-requisites i.e. application, interview, performance test etc. This same approach should be taken with people. If it is discovered that they simply want an empty bank to deposit worthless rants about dreams they don’t “WANT” the faith to manifest, cancel their accounts and force them to find a new bank.

Declare 2013, to WASTE NOT: your time, efforts, advice, wisdom etc. on those who are UNPREPARED to receive them. Pray for their faith to increase but don’t invest another second in their foolishness! WASTE NOT!!! Agape!


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Positioned 2 Produce A Miracle

Posted by kelleavent on December 18, 2012 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Yesterday in my reading I checked out a familiar passage of scripture, one I had read/heard over a dozen times. This time, the message I received from it was totally different. I was reading 1 Kings 17 where Elijah challenged a widowed woman to bake a cake for him before the ones she planned for both she and her son. They were planning to die after eating their final meal. Nonetheless, the woman was obedient to what Elijah instructed her to do and fed him first. Just as Elijah spoke, her days of lack ended that moment.

As I stated I have viewed that passage and heard it preached more times than I can count. However, this time what stood out to me was Elijah’s position. Although he was well esteemed by the people, Elijah was human, which means he was not perfect. But God still deemed him valuable and trustworthy in order to be used to produce a miracle for a woman in a desperate situation. The more I pondered I began to ask myself, is my life and the works I produce in position to impact another’s life. In other words, is who I profess to be, and what I do considered a life line for someone else or a stroke of my ego? I truly had to be honest and decide if I never sold more than twenty books but from those sales all of those people received the answer to their problems, would it suffice. Honestly, the answer is YES! The reality is that I don’t have a major publishing contract, which means I must market in a grass roots style. I don’t have the platform to reach as many people as someone with a large agreement, but the AMAZING testimonies I have been receiving from those who God has allowed me to reach is PRICELESS!

So today I challenge both you and myself to re-evaluate our positions to ensure we can be used by God to produce a miracle for someone else’s dying situation. Often times, we release commentary about other’s trials and tragedies, when it’s God’s intent for us to be the solution. Perhaps that co-worker is a thorn in your side because she is dying internally, and it’s your integrity and peace that will silence her torment and challenge a positive shift. Elijah was the catalyst to a widow’s blessing, another was the same for us. Who can God trust us to be in position to produce a miracle for? Have a wonderful and meaningful day!



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Don't Allow "TEMPORARY" 2 Define "PERMANANT"

Posted by kelleavent on December 12, 2012 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday in my time of meditation and reading, the Lord lead me to 1Kings 11:1-13 where Solomon chose to disregard the instructions God gave him regarding entangling himself with foreign women. Such women would turn Solomon and the other Israelite hearts away from God. Nonetheless, Solomon did as he pleased and married not one or two but many foreign women. Just as God predicted, his heart was turned away and he built alters for worshipping false gods.

As I meditated, God showed me how this passage of scripture related to us today. The bible in 2 Corinthians 2:16 warns us about gaining covenants with those who are unbelievers or in other words, on a different path than we are. Think about it, any individual we have connected ourselves to that did not have a parallel vision to ours either served as a distraction or pitfall. We should seek to establish a circle with two types of people: those working to manifest just as we are and those who have already embraced what we desire to attain.

Solomon took for granted God's promises to his father David of protection, blessings and prosperity. Therefore, he forfeited accessing ALL of the miracles God planned for him specifically by settling. How did Solomon settle? He was willing to experience old blessings instead of standing under the open heaven for his time. Think of it as attending Sunday dinner two weeks after the big Thanksgiving feast. Instead of cooking a fresh meal, the host pulls out freezer bags full of left-overs from the feast, but because of a strong appetite, we settle for the old food instead of placing a demand to require a new, fresh meal. Why settle for the blessings and anointing’s of those who came before you, when God is saying I have a new and more innovative way to release. Their impact was for that time, yours is what's needed NOW!

Don't be like Solomon, so overtaken by your cravings that you forfeit your ABUNDNCE! Don't settle for small minds, mediocrity, living pay check to pay check, relationships without future, and dreams so minute God's assistance isn't needed. God tore the kingdom not away from Solomon but from his son. The decisions you make may take a lifetime to redefine, which could affect generations to come. There are only a few more days before entering a new year and I understand life is challenging you at all angles to settle, unless I’m the only one! LOL But through this post I challenge both you and myself to not allow "temporary" to determine "permanent." Partial obedience is disobedience; remove anything that takes your focus off of God and His will for your life! God calls you a winner, any less is unacceptable! BE BLESSED, AGAPE'

Beautiful Is My Name!

Posted by kelleavent on November 20, 2012 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! This entry will be an excerpt from my new book MAKES ME WANNA HOLLA, available now at kelleavent.com!


Beautiful is my name regardless race, hair texture, intellect or whatever more I can be judged as. This slogan began as a design for a t-shirt, but its meaning is very appropriate for this book because it speaks to the area of esteem. God created us on purpose and by a blueprint individually designed. Many writers including Plato recorded this statement: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which means the definition of true beauty is subject to the person judging. Therefore; an ugly person based on exterior does not exist. Features, clothing and appearance won’t bring true definition, but character and personality will. A person can wear the newest brand, most popular hairstyle and possess a negative or disrespectful attitude, deeming them unattractive. As a perfect creation of God, we must be confident that “Beautiful” should always the adjective used when describing ourselves. We must believe without doubt in our own beauty and not just in the validation from others. It’s an amazing feeling to be complimented, but what are we to do on the days others forget or neglect to extend a compliment? This is where self-confidence and esteem are extremely important. Sadly, many girls and women both young and old experience great struggle when placing a value on themselves. Perhaps for some, esteem has only been established based on the opinions of friends or family and the ability to self-evaluate is hindered when those accolades cease. A person’s judgment regardless of position in your life should weigh minimally when compared to your own. God desires for us to see ourselves and our sisters as the most amazing of specie He has created. Nonetheless, insecurity has birthed the spirits of jealousy and bitterness, hindering confidence in both self and others.

Have you ever been in a scenario in school or work, and when a certain person enters the room, or perhaps when you enter, a change in attitude takes place? People may roll their eyes or begin whispering because of who they have labeled you to be solely from seeing you. Today we label such a person a “hater,” when more severely than hating; they are revealing their own jealousy and insecurities. Jealousy is described in Webster’s dictionary as: resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., and mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry. (Webster) To exhibit jealousy indicates a deep insecurity that which has not been acknowledged. One form of jealousy often displayed is sibling rivalry, whereas one or more siblings combat another based on the idea the other receives special treatment or has an advantage with parents. Jealousy is actively presented in school, the workplace, church and the world overall. As God’s child, we are entitled to an inheritance which gives us access to experience a successful life. Unfortunately for some, even the greatest level of accomplishments doesn’t suffice, and executives, lawyers, spiritual leaders, etc. demonstrate jealousy for others. The bible declares in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that to everything there is a time and a season, a season to plant and one to harvest. The manifestations and achievements we see are a result of seed time and harvest. However, people have become jealous due to the harvest of others. If we aren’t manifesting, we should be planting or cultivating with goals of doing so soon.

The enemy has used the spirit of jealousy to destroy many relationships and families. We must be mindful to perform daily self-evaluations in even the smallest areas of our lives to ensure jealousy does not exist within us. If discovered to be active, it is very important to acknowledge its presence and gain healing from the insecurities which it is fueled by. God desires for His daughters to be confident in who He has created us to be.

Mistaken Identity

The idea of beauty in my opinion weighs far heavier on women than men, and has caused great damage as a result. Some of us were not adorned as girls or praised for our beauty, so as women; the idea of the label beautiful is absurd. We have adapted to being considered fair or unattractive for so long, we have become lost in the façade. Beauty as defined by our culture has challenged us to believe in order to obtain, it has to be purchased. Therefore, many have spent countless dollars on hair, make-up, wardrobe and plastic surgery only to receive validation according to someone else’s definition. In interim, our true identity has been misplaced. This scenario has been experienced by the vast majority of our society as girls and women. We all have fought to “fit in” with the world’s idea of “norm.” Sadly in doing so, we have created a level of personal frustration and bitterness because the door to conformity has been left open to other issues with identity. What began as a simple adjustment has now become a lifestyle of mistaken identity.

So, how do we regain our identity? The first step is to ask God to bring remembrance of the little girl He created. Secondly, in pursuit of re-acquaintance, decide with confidence the only definition of beauty that matters is God’s because He does not make any mistakes. Each of us was created in His PERFECT image to be used for His glory. Take back the authority you once gave society to define you. Thirdly, begin making changes to your wardrobe and lifestyle to accommodate the “real you,” and finally change your language towards yourself. Speak the language of life which includes: love, encouragement, beauty, prosperity and hope!

Beautiful is your name sister and if you struggled with belief, it is my prayer you will not after reading this chapter. You are amazing, gorgeous, loving, loveable, admirable, intelligent, aspiring, inspiring, gifted, talented, anointed, gracious, an original never to be duplicated, favored, and one of God’s BEST creations. Never distribute the power to anyone that can destroy your confidence. Know that God loves all of you and it warms His heart when He knows you are pleased with what He has created. Repeat this line with me: My parents may have named me (insert name), but today I declare that BEAUTIFUL IS MY NAME!!